Healthiest movie theatre snacks

Healthy movie theater snacks healthy food at the movies. The worst movie theater food is smelly, unwieldy and makes you feel terrible after eating it. Fork and beanssays to cool down your kitchen beforeyou. Its still a heavy snack, but compared with the burger, corn dog, and nacho combos. When you go to the movies, it is so hard to resist the snacks at the concession stand. Unfortunately, many movie theater concessions are full of salt, saturated fat, or sugar.

Do you think i could sneak something from the food court. Beet chips are a bright, colourful and and sweet and salty crunchy snack. These snacks are just better options than some of the other, crazy unhealthy treats at most movie theaters. Healthy snack options at the movie theater eat this not that. That being said, here are some of the healthy movie snacks that you can choose for yourself and your family. If youre like us, youll have mustard down your shirt at the first jump scare. I generally like to eat the more healthy alternatives at malls, so cultures or something. Great for kids parties or movie night as well as family movie viewing in cinema style. Movie theaters are not known for their healthy snack options. Eating healthy at the movie theater popsugar fitness. Believe it or not, the classic movie snack of popcorn is actually one of the healthiest things that you can eat while you are watching a movie. Health writer march 30, 2014 if you walk into a typical movie theatre, the first thing that assails your nostrils is the smell of buttered.

Jul 31, 2015 healthy snack options at the movie theater dont let jumbo calorie counts ruin your hardearned weight loss. Jan 29, 2012 i have been going to the cinema more recently, as it is a good weekend activity that keeps me out of the pub. Jul 25, 2008 what is the healthiest thing to eat at a movie theatre. It provides a serving of whole grains and some fiber, with only 31 calories per cup. Its best to make a preemptive strike before you head to the cinema. But enter oil, in which most movie theaters pop their. Thanks for your answers also, i know its okay to indulge in movie theatre. Jun 19, 2012 amc has its own version in a smart movie snack bundle that contains trail mix, bottled water, and fruit chips. According to the center for science in the public interest cspi, nutritional content can range from 1,1701,460 calories and 2264 grams of saturated fat, depending on the theater. Movie snacks that are healthier than a bucket of popcorn. The slot for candy boxes was a bit too small for the standard movie theater box of candy, so i used that slot for a napkin. You might read that and think thats definitely not healthy, but i want to. Ditch the fakebutter popcorn for these healthy snacks. Regal, the countrys largest theater chain, reports that their small popcorn contains 670 calories and 34 g saturated fat.

These snacks are all about 200 calories or less per serving with less than 15 grams of fat. Dr oz played a game to help teach us the healthiest snacks to order at the movies. What are the healthiest movie theatre snacks one can eat. Popcorn, chips, candiesthese are just some of your staple movie theater snacks. Top 10 healthy dorm snacks from target spoon university. Assembled trays measure 10w x 6 12d x 2h and have a recessed food area that is 5 x 6 12, a 3 x 1 candy bar slot and a. Movie snacks are as important as what youre watching, whether youre at the theater or staying in.

Movie popcorn and other snacks play essential supporting roles in the theatergoing experience. In fact, the moviegoing experience facilitates the type. Save it for the baseball game, when at least theyve been sitting out for hours in fresh air. At the theatre i go to, theres the typical counter stuff popcorn, nachos, candy, new york fries, tim hortons. Chocolatecovered nuts i always crave chocolate at the movies, but the giant packs of butterfingers or reeses are definitely not the healthiest snack option.

Oct 14, 20 even with a small, youll likely want to split it with a friend. While at home you can consume an entire meal while enjoying a movie night, things are a bit different in the theater. Why settle for buttered popcorn at the movie theater when you can. Next time youre headed out to see a film, make sure to use our guide to find the smartest snacks at the movies so your trip doesnt end up costing you the price of admission plus 10 extra pounds. Tacos may not be the most practical movie night dish its hard to keep your. Best and worst movie food picks diet and nutrition everyday.

The best movie theater food straddles a careful line between salty and sweet, is easy to eat and is always shareable. Best and worst movie food picks diet and nutrition. The latest report updates the organizations infamous 1994 expose with new nutritional information on the movie snacks offered by americas three largest movie chains. Find out what to eat and what to avoid at the movies. This kettle corn makes a great alternative for your movie theatre popcorn cravings. Three cups of popcorn is counted as one food guide pyramid serving. Many movie theaters now offer meallike snacks including chicken tenders, hot dogs, and nachos laden with cheese. What are the healthiest movie theatre snacks one can eat at. Yes, its a whole grain, but a large has close to the number of calories many women need in a day. The 12 movie snacks you should definitely be sneaking into. Its easier to avoid overindulging at the theater if you eat a dietfriendly meal beforehand.

Now, classics like hot dogs and candy are joined with more menu options than ever. Ward off weight gain with these lowcalorie healthy movie snacks the next time you hit up. To enjoy this summers blockbusters without busting your summer ready body, we list down our favorite movie munchies that still taste great but are low in calories. Pair with a bag of baby carrots or whole wheat crackersthe sabra hummus cup is a great lowcalorie option at just 160 calories for an entire serving. You could bring other snacks that are healthy as well, if you must eat while at the movies. Even with higher fiber snacks, you still have to watch out for added fat, sugar, and salt. As soon as you enter the movie theater, your mind is already racing on which snacks to get, especially when you get a whiff of that unique, sweetsaltbutter smell. Aug 29, 2017 sure, there is sugar in this snack, but theres also paprika, cayenne, and dried mango to offer more nutrients in a more natural way than many traditional movie theater snacks can.

Plain airpopped popcorn is actually a healthy snack. Last night i had a snack before going in the hope that this would make me not want any snacks whilst there, but it was too hard to resist and i mistakenly bought some chilli rice crackers thinking they would be reasonably healthy, and had some of my boyfriends popcorn plain, salted. Movie nights are a fun break after a long week, but the snacking can be a challenge. If movie theater popcorn is a musthave, stick with a kidsized serving and forgo the added butter or margarine. While they taste great, they can also be extremely unhealthy. What to eat at the movie theater if youre trying to be healthy. May 31, 2018 movie theaters snacks and concessions are getting an upgrade. Movie and snacks are two things that go hand in hand since time immemorial. Check out our blog today to know your options on healthy movie theater snacks. Here, smart and delicious ways to snack at the movies. Almonds are one of the best healthy snacks to take to the movies. The search for healthy snacks at movie theaters cbs news. What is the best healthiest movie snacks to bring to theatre and enjoy with your love ones.

Healthy movie snacks that wont ruin your diet verywell fit. A movie theater snack that includes a combination of protein, carbs, and fats like a hot dog is a better bet than an allcarb option, such as a hot pretzel. Each kid at my sons movie party got a box of candy, a bag of popcorn and a drink which all fit in this little box perfectly. We cant hear the dialogue over your cool ranch doritos. A movie just isnt a movie without popcorn it completes the whole movie theater. Finding creative ways to enjoy wholesome snacks at the movies will allow you to indulge your inner movie critic while still. What to eat at the movie theater if youre trying to be.

There are about four servings in a theatersize pack. Head to the movie theater, and all youll find is processed, sugarladen candies and popcorn coated in loads of fake butter. Apr 06, 2011 amc theatres, one of the largest theatre chains in the u. Movie popcorn and other theater snack items are often loaded with calories, fat, and salt. Best healthiest movie snacks to bring to theatre kay chong. Oct 01, 20 as with all other snackbuying opportunities in life, there are better and worse choices. Underneath all of the salt and grease, popcorn is still a whole grain. One of the best ways to eat healthy at the movie theatre is to have a think at home and plan what you are going to get before you actually arrive at the cinema. Popcorn believe it or not, the classic movie snack of popcorn is actually one of the healthiest things that you can eat while you are watching a movie. Avoid the larger sizes completely, even if it seems like a steal. The best and worst movietheater snacks plus, what to eat at.

Dont let jumbo calorie counts ruin your hardearned weight loss. Calories in amcs new smart movie snacks popsugar fitness. Movie theater popcorn is ridiculously unhealthy and you. But the large popcorn youre getting in your value combo is a whopping 170 oz at least 21 cups of popcorn. The best movie theater food, in order photos huffpost life. Even at home, it can be tricky to come up with food for the whole family to nosh on during the movies. Moving up to the medium serving from the small size costs only pennies more, but adds about 500 more calories and two days worth of saturated fat. Jun 27, 2007 movie theater corn is loaded with sodium which is not good for dieting. I ts award season which means that some of the years best movies are in movie theaters now. Despite this, a trip to the movies does not have to destroy the balance in your diet. Most movie theaters just serve moviesized packages of candy, which usually provide 3 to 5 portions. Healthy movie theater snacks you can feel good about ordering. Plus, without the movie theater markup, it will mean my trip to the movies only costs a minor fortune instead of a major one.

The best and worst movietheater snacks plus, what to eat. These trays work perfect with our kid sized drink cups. Jan 01, 2016 sales of snacks account for up to 40 percent of a movie theaters revenue, but new fda regulations to reveal calories in those classic concessions may leave audiences wondering whether its worth it. Movie snacks that are healthier than a bucket of popcorn greatist. Finding creative ways to enjoy wholesome snacks at the movies will allow you to indulge your inner movie critic while still staying healthy. But many of your favorite cinema munchies could win worst food. These foodobsessed movie theaters make it tough to concentrate on the screen. Whether you are in the mood to watch a comedy or a drama, theres one thing that ever moviegoer loves and its movie snacks.

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