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The net result was that solaris 10, and especially the concept of zones, failed to. Global zone is the traditional os environment and is where solaris os is installed. This vm template is not tested or intended for use to provision an oracle solaris 10 1 zone on an oracle solaris 10 1. Zones concepts overview introduction to oracle solaris. The book covers the topics resource management, oracle solaris zones, and oracle solaris 10 zones solaris10 branded zones.

Certain administrative functions can only be performed from the global zone, such as editing the zone configuration. Dec 15, 20 the solaris zone uses the branded zones framework described in the brands5 man page to run zones installed with the same software as is installed in the global zone. That is, you first must configure the new zone using the zonecfg command. In addition, solaris 11 extends the idea of a zone as a separate user space with what is called delegated administration. Comparing solaris 11 zones to solaris 10 zones oracle jeff. Aug 25, 2012 this video is showing, zone administration in solaris 10 how to install nonglobal zone in solaris 10, this is the 1st video. A solaris zone is a partitioned virtual os environment working in a solaris os space. Also, you can now download additional software from sun to allow you to run solaris 8 and 9 within a zone. Sparse root zone small zone file systems like opt, usr are shared from global zone as loopback filesystem you only have a readonly access to these directories in nonglobal zone. I have installed solaris 10 u4 with trusted extension on one of my sparc machines. I have logged in as root in global zone and have configured two of the four workspaces as internaconfidential and public. The brand for a zone running oracle solaris 10 is solaris10. The vm template is provided as a simple way to provision an oracle solaris 10 zone without the need for an oracle solaris 10 system as the source for the zone. Jun 12, 20 for example, the table above shows that you can configure a solaris 11 zone that has readonly solaris content.

And solaris 11 takes that concept further, offering the ability to tailor that immutability. For your information solaris 9 and solaris 8 branded zones are not supported on solaris11. When you create a zone in solaris 10, you get a native zone, which is very lightweight because it shares much of its system software with the base solaris 10 installation. Solaris 9 branded zone on a solaris 10 server unix. Solaris 8 solaris is the unixbased operating system of sun microsystems with roots in the bsd operating system family. How to patch the solaris global zone with vxfs root local. If your global zones root filesystem is zfs,then you have to choose live upgrade in order to perform os patching. Zones in opensolaris livecd inside virtualbox under. Windows xp, solaris 10, and opensolaris all booted at the same time underneath opensolaris. Zfs within a zone ug solaris 10 606 makes the new zfs file system available for the first time. Oracle solaris zones, oracle solaris 10 zones, and resource management.

Do you mind telling me why you are trying to run a solaris 10 zone on a solaris 11 box to begin with. How to install solaris 10 branded zone on solaris 11. Zones can be used on any system that is running the oracle solaris 10 or oracle solaris 11 release. These concepts are discussed in chapter 18, planning and configuring non global.

Each zone can be configured for access to a specific nonroot user in the global zone. Jul, 20 a presentation on installing and configuring solaris 10 zones. Thats about as nice and as politically correct as i could put it. Branded zones these are solaris 8 or solaris 9 zones on the solaris 10 global zones. The system software must always be in sync with the global zone when using a solaris nonglobal zone. Note on solaris 10, these commands install the 64bit gskit in the global zone and in all running nonglobal zones. Solaris zone of solaris 10 operating system function fujitsu global. Migration to an oracle solaris zone on an oracle solaris 11 host. I agree that this is a confusing and poorly documented aspect of zones, however. Lets take a look at how this all works in solaris 10. May 05, 2011 with a brand new zone, you will go through the typical sysidcfg interactions language, locale, terminal, hostname,kerberos, name service,timezone, and password settings that you would normally do with a new solaris install. To view a list and brief status information about running zones, use the following command from the global zone.

Oracle solaris 10 allows you to create a solaris 9 and solaris 8 as branded zone on sparc environment and not supported on x86. Solaris zone concept is for solaris platform only,,you can use ldom for using across the platformsbut ldoms works on t processors only thanks. The installation of a zone in opensolaris is a bit different than in solaris 10 or sxce and its due to ips, which is unique to opensolaris. Jul 05, 2007 one of these mechanisms are solaris 10 zones, also known as solaris containers. However, native zones presume you are using the svr4 packing system as opposed to. The host server has two physical nics bnx0 and bnx1, and since i am intending to run several three or more zones, dedicating a nic to a zone is out of the question. Zones concepts overview introduction to oracle solaris zones. The alreadyrunning os is the global zone, and any zones you add are nonglobal. You know, its quite unfair to treat solaris 10 as a second class citizen because we want to show how open opensolaris is to the potential linux converts. I have a doubts on step 8 specially can someone clear my step 8 doubts or if anything wrong between step 1 to step 9 please correct that also as i have pretty good idea about step 10 mean patching in. General zones concepts oracle solaris administration. But oracle soalris 11 allows you to create solaris 10 as a branded zone on both sparc and x86 environments. And since most people wont be running solaris 10 zones on solaris 11 hosts, there are not many that will run into this issue. Read on for how to migrate a solaris zone to a different machine, and an important update to solaris 1008 that makes the process so much easier.

Solaris zone of solaris 10 operating system function. Workloads running within these solaris10 branded zones can take advantage of the enhancements made to the oracle solaris kernel and utilize some of the innovative technologies available only on the oracle solaris 11 release, such as virtual nics vnics and zfs deduplication. In addition, a zone s brand is used to identify the correct application type at application launch time. Infoscale deployment within solaris 10 branded zones in. Solaris 11 has added a lot of new features to the zones technology. For example, the table above shows that you can configure a solaris 11 zone that has readonly solaris content.

I will admit to you that i barely understand it myself. Today, i ran across a situation where one of my zones needed more ram, and the box it was on didnt have it. Migrating a zone to a different machine on solaris 10. Assessing an oracle solaris 10 system and creating an archive. Since update 4 of solaris 10 august 2007 dedicated network interfaces can be assigned to a zone.

Zone administration install and configure non global zone in. Part iii of software management best practices for oracle solaris 11. Optional migrating an oracle solaris 10 native nonglobal zone into an oracle solaris 10 zone. Here is an example of a solaris 8 zone creation, but for a fuller picture. Each zones resources derive from the global zone, but its otherwise reserved. This article explains how airlock takes advantage of solaris zones, as well as what restrictions the current implementation of solaris zones puts on airlock as a network device. Configuring a zone with minimal settings let us create a new zone with a minimal resources and settings required to get it up and running. Hi all, i am looking for urgent help with zone migration with san luns on solaris 10, i have an idea of how zone migration happens but steps are not very clear to me. Installing the oracle sparc api ibm knowledge center. Chapter 16 introduction to solaris zones system administration. Since zfs is not based on a special mounted device, a mechanism is implemented in the z on ec f g command by which a zfs file system can be transferred to a zone.

The brand described here is the solaris10 brand, oracle solaris 10 zones. All system operations such as installations, startups and shutdowns are done in the global zone. However, my usual purpose is to practice using solaris features and gain experience with ones that are new to me. Download sparc oracle vm template for oracle solaris 10 zone 1. Infoscale deployment within solaris 10 branded zones in solaris 11 global zone environments. Analysis of the oracle solaris configuration, including networking, storage, and oracle solaris operating system features in use. Oracle solaris administration oracle solaris zones oracle solaris.

Migration to an oracle solaris zone on an oracle solaris 10 host. Ive used virtualbox to bring up windows and ubuntu linux under solaris for fun. Solaris 11 global zone patching having solaris 10 branded zone i am planning to do solaris 11 global zone patching having solaris 10 branded zone. Search that newsgroup for viewing nonglobal routes from global zone. Let us get started and see how we can create a zone in solaris 11. Mar 27, 2014 oracle solaris 10 allows you to create a solaris 9 and solaris 8 as branded zone on sparc environment and not supported on x86. Oracle solaris zones is a virtualization technology that enables you to. Although all zones on the system share a common kernel. You could always create an x86 solaris 10 system in virtualbox, and create a flar archive from that.

How to configure solaris 10 zones and assign resources the. Introduction to oracle solaris 10 zones oracle solaris. For example in the case of a test install or proof of concept. Further, solaris 10 updates 3 to 6 contain a number of enhancements, such as zone renaming, cloning and migration, plus the ability to run other operating systems see here for an example of installing a linux os to run acroread on solaris x86. A solaris 9 branded zone solaris9 is a complete runtime environment for solaris 9 applications on sparc machines running the oracle solaris 10 807. Comparing solaris 11 zones to solaris 10 zones oracle.

The upper limit for the number of solaris and solaris10 zones on a system is 8192. On the aix vio side, you can see how the vio servers act as a passthrough for the lpars and that an outage in one vio server will not affect the larger architecture. How to configure solaris 10 zones and assign resources. In case you are new to solaris zones refer the post how to create zones in solaris 10 to get started. The brand is used to determine behavior when a zone is installed and booted. In oracle solaris 10 a basic zone requires a zone name and a zone path, however to use the zone in any meaningful way a network configuration is also required. Configuring a zone with minimal settings let us create a new zone with a minimal resources and settings required to get it.

Oracle solaris zones let you import the working environment from an older generation sparc server running older releases of solaris operating systems oss. Solaris 11 virtualization using zones the urban penguin. Aug 24, 2011 on the solaris zones side, you can see how the servers are held up by the global zone and that one outage there will make all of the resources unavailable. So prior to os patching we need to make sure,you have the valid backout plan. This software and related documentation are provided under a. Sep 20, 2012 in unix system administration, we may need to perform os patching often. Oracle solaris zones, oracle solaris 10 zones, and resource management is for anyone responsible for administering one or more systems that run an oracle solaris release.

Nonglobal zones are more simply referred to as zones. About oracle solaris 9 branded zones system administration. The number of zones that can be effectively hosted on a single system is determined by the total resource requirements of the application software running in all. First alternative solaris 10 zone configuration and. We have a solaris 10 9 10 installed on an x86 physical server and want to migrate it to a solaris zone. It also shows that solaris 10 sparseroot and wholeroot zones are more similar to each other than to solaris 11 zones. However, there is a good answer to a question i had about this in comp. The zoneadm command can be used to list active or running zones. If some of you provide me more details or best url for this task or best thing would be if someone can provide me steps how this happened will be great. The initial steps in migrating a zone are very similar. A good laptopdesktop with solaris 11 virtual machine vmware workstation or virtualbox.

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